What is trust?
who knows
Trust must be earned
In time you will learn

What is dubiety?
who knows
Please reassure me
For doubts must be answered

What is scepticism?
who knows
Uncertainty must be decided
Confidence must be obtained

What is reliance?
who knows
Let trust be felt
For credence is a given

What is certitude?
who knows
Please rest assured
For fidelity is attested

What is faith?
who knows
Devotion has been proven
Confidence has been given

Never should I doubt again
For now I am truly certain
My love for you
Is truly unending

by Christopher G. Turner

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WOO HOO! Someone broke out the thesaurus on this one! Now that I know the background behind this, I understand it better. I love how it develops itself - each stanza inspires the next. Great work!