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A small bird lived in
a big palatial house.
There lived a small boy
with his parents.
This small bird lived high up
at the attic's hole.
The bird always admired
The small boy's skilled ways.
The bird fantasized
to become a live human
So it could help the boy.
One morning the bird
Found, it had become a boy.
The amoumt of its joy-
was immeasureable.
It became the best friend of the boy.
It saved the small boy
from several complexities.
One hermit arrived one day
Looking out for a little bird
transformed into a human shape.
The secret was only known to the small boy,
The small boy revealed the secret-
To the hermit without any delay;
So he could earn few blessings.
The poor and foolish,
bird-boy had to pay the price-
Of trusting the small boy.

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A breach of trust, but not intentionally I think.
very nuice.. happy new yaer