why friends call themselves friends, and i know they care
i can't be trusted to hold a heart
i can't be trusted with a friend
why can't i find the courage to stand up to those beating themselves down,
why can't i hold on when things get rough,
i can't be trusted with your secrets,
i can't be trusted with your memories,
i can't live this way
for every single day of my life
i can't stand me
i can't stand the skin i'm in
why can't you just walk away i'm not your problem any more
i'm mine
why don't you leave me be
and stop calling me a friend
i can't be trusted with...
i can't be trusted...
i can't be your friend
i can't live with me if i stay
i can't betray your..

by Nicky Turner

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I agree, good work :)
That's sad, but I like it. good work.