Trust you say that in the end everything will be ok
Well tell me what do you know
I feel the hurt that people have every day
And it seems that no matter what it wont go away
You say that things will get better
Well i dont see you up here on that stand
Try in to give me a hand
The way that i feel you will never see
You can close your eyes and go to sleep
Nothing to keep you awake
Not the hurt or the frame
I dont have the time to make my heart rime
Maybe we never sang the same tune
But in the i still love you
No matter what or no matter who
No one can replace the things that i feel for you
remember that no matter what you do
i will for ever love you

by Jennifer Panner

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Comments (2)

I feel your words deeply, probably more than you'll know. A 10 for sure!
this is brillant i love it i know how you feel thsi actually brought those feelings back it brought that true emotion back for me this is great