AG (8-02-1990 / Thomasville, Georgia)


To trust someone means you trust them with your life
To trust someone is based on your clarity of judgement
To trust is to believe that the person has you 100%
To trust
To trust
Who could you trust in your greatest moment in need?
Who will be worthy of having your trust?
Will you be able to confide your trust among certain people?

*Advice - Put your trust in a person who isn't a backstaber, liar, thief, gossiper, negative influence, pressured person. Think before you act

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Very wonderful
this means a lot to me because it shows how there are so few people to trust. Faith has to take over when trust in humanity fails
If and when you find that who to trust, don't let go. They are a rarity these days.
... :) so true! trust someone is hard..that we should be very careful on what we say to others
this poem means alot and you used the truth in someone you need to really trust. i will stright up give you a 10 on this poem
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