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Why not,
What did I do,
I love him,
We wouldn’t do anything,
He loves me,
He respects me,
You just don’t trust me,
You should,
All I ask is once,
Just this once,
But no,
You don’t know how I feel,
You don’t care,
None of you do,
I’m not a kid,
I’m not a baby,
I can look after myself,
I can make the right decisions,
I’m not your little girl anymore,
You need to trust me,
But no,
Well you’ve lost me now,
The good me has gone, this is the new me,
The better me,
The old me has gone,
She aint coming back!

by Bootiful Kid ...

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Of course trust is essential at any stage!
I feel like your spamming the poem area with simple simon poetry.....