Trust Betrayed

Poem By Kathlene Ann

You say you trust me.
Once I trusted you too.
A promise, broken.
You continue to renew the promise.
Your failure to remain true,
To remain steadfast and loyal,
goes unnoticed.
But I noticed. I cared.
And now I don't.
But that's ok because I know you're just lying.
If you trusted me,
Really and truly with all your heart,
You would not question my judgement,
You would let me go and watch me fly away
With only a short 'adeiu.'
So I do not need your approval.
I do not need your help,
And I no longer need your love.
Goodbye, old friend.
Don't bother sending me your luck,
Everything you are and were has been erased from my heart.

Comments about Trust Betrayed

i really like this poem.. i can relate to what your saying.

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