BL (08/28/1959 / Texas)

'Trust In Jesus'

As you take in your first breath this day
Go to Jesus in thankfulness and pray

God fertilizes the trees and it’s amazing
How they are all perfect in height blending with one another

He is the lily in my valley and he does bloom all of the time
He is the sunlight and through his children his brightness doth shine

After a rain shower the earth is filled with a heavenly scent
Reminding us of God’s presence and beautiful creations
Only trust him for he is the light
In a world filled with darkness

He whose presence is felt in the warmth of the sun-
His love shines through a moon lit night-
In the wind he whispers as the leaves
Rustle down to the ground-

In the ocean whose power
Given by God can be heard as the waves come crashing down

Let everyone who has breath praise him
For he is the life of our Spiritual gardens
Without our hope and faith deeply being implanted
Into His power and love through his Holy Spirit
There would be no need for another day

The next time you are down and out
And feel as if you should give up
Just gaze upon his creations
Which was meant to soothe your cares away

In him there is rest, love, relief from pain,
In him there is eternal hope-
Thank you Jesus!
©Copyright 1999 Becky LaPrarie

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