Trust Issues.

"I promise." you said "i'll never hurt or abandon you."
you said, where are you now?
Where did you go?
You're not around anymore...
Did I scare you by telling you my feelings?
Did I hurt you more than you hurt me?

No, I didn't hurt you at all.
If I did you would've told me, that's just who you are.
but why me?
Why leave me when I needed YOU most?
Why hurt me and blame me for us not talking?
"She's weird"
No. I'm not weird
I'm unique,
and I needed you there.
as a friend..
but you couldn't even be that.

Maybe it's good you're gone.
So I don't have to waste my time
and energy into something that won't end well
and have an unhealthy outcome.

But I just want to know one last thing...
Was it fun playing with my heart?
And did you know that you're the reason why
I have trust issues?

by Jinna Windsor

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