AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)

Trust Me

Not everything in life, runs smoothly.
It has, it's ups and downs! Some days,
you feel like smiling and other days,
you can only manage, frowns! That's
the way it goes, for nothing is a sure
thing. You don't know, what's around
the corner, or what it's going to bring!
There's no way, you can be, ahead of
the game! To do so, there would be,
no surprises at all. Surprises, are what
keeps you going and at times, it can
make you head for a fall! Which ever
way, you access it, no one, knows what
lies in store. So really live and you'll end
up, doing a whole lot more! Just do
whatever you can, to make your life, as
easy as pie. Because, before you turn
around, your old and can't keep up. So
just trust me, as that's, no lie!

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