Trust My 'Love'? ? ?

you say 'i love u'i feel its a lie.
you say 'trust me'why should i?
i want to forgive you
ah! that's the thing i can't do
because i still remember the day
when u taunted me & went away
your words stabbed me again and again.
it made me weep in pain
you left me with out a spec of care
in my heart pain started to rare
i was ready to give my life
fed up with pain, the continuous strife
my friends sorrowful sighs,
and my parents cries,
forced me to open my eyes
and see whats true and whats lies.
then i decided to remember you never,
and be happy forever.
i started recovering with light heart.
in happy moments i took part.
and now you are back. willing to restart,
i feel its a lie, your skillful art

by Arfa Iris

Comments (1)

The sentiments are really awesome. At the same time I feel sorry for the poem because it doesn't fulfil the criteria of a good poetry. I am really sorry to see the symbols instead of the whole words. You have used the writing style of SMS which is not fair. The poem might have been sublime if it had been written in a proper way. I am disappointed.