Trust The Universe

I must trust the universe.
I must take my cue from the stars:
I must listen to the infinite wisdom
Hidden in their shining silence.

Everything that must be, will be
In its own time, of its own mind.
I am meant to sit in witness,
To observe, to learn, to accept.

The more I try to assert my will,
The more I flail in my own failings.
The more I question and doubt,
The more my spirit seeps out.

I may seem remote.
I may appear cold.
I may hold myself separate
From the ripples of panic
Flowing out from so many souls.

I simply hold myself steady.
The road ahead is long and uncertain.
I must preserve my energy.
I must keep parts of me in reserve.

I must tend my tiny garden.
I must mend my fence and stock my shelves.
I must rely on my own resources
Until this storm passes and sanity returns.

by Suzanne Hayasaki

Comments (31)

Very fine poem...rea really good poem.....thanks.....
excellent poem... very original and creative mine has never ever been yet selected BY PH read me if you will MY MOMS SMILES
Wonderful imaginary and imagery. Beautiful poem with special attraction. Thanks and congrstulations for being selected as thae poem of the day.
Suzanne, being who I am, I wonder what you mean by universe. This is another instance where I’d like to sit across a table from a writer—you in this case—and have a conversation. That aside, I recognize in this poem someone who can write and look forward to reading more by you. -Glen
Suzanne, congratulations on your poem of the day.. iip.. James McLain
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