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Trust Vs Blood Bond (In The Works)

it just goes to show
blood between people means nothing
trust means the world

becareful who you trust
for it is sad
but trust is easily misplaced

to break ones trust
is the ultimate sin
atleast in my eyes

becareful of your actions
for if you break trust
some things can not be fixed

for me
my own blood will turn there back
if it helps them
or if they get something out of it

for i have no meaning to them
all they look out for are themselves
and use the people around them

well i am sick of being used
i am not the damn escape goat for every time you fnck up
my blood bonds are over
unless i trust you
i will have nothing to do with you

trust can keep people together
through thick and thin
if you find the right few to trust
your secrets they will keep

those you grow to trust
and are trusted back
are worth their weight in gold
for you bond is stronger than steal

so i will live on
with the bonds of trust only
seeing as blood can be destroyed and spoiled
so easily
trust is all that can last

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trust does mean the world, , and blood doesnt mean a thing at all i just love this poem because it speaks truth and nothing more, , , , i understand that..
becareful who you trust for it is sad but trust is easily misplaced i like it trust is sad because u never know who to trust and that sucks. because your supposed to be able to trust your family. but u cant. ive tried trusting my family in all the homes ive lived in i just got dumped in to another and another as if i were nothing so its hard to trust. and i understand.