CB (05/23 / Illinois)

Trust Works Both Ways

Spy before you buy is what guys do now
well two can play that game there’s no
double standard now.

I can understand where you’re coming from
and can see where you’re going. You want
to be sure of her fidelity, honesty and true

You want to know that as years progress
she will be true, that she will love you and
only you.

Well I’ll say this, I speak for myself though
other women may agree, how do I know
that you’re only loving me? How do I know
when you’re at the game, that it’s not code
to see Sally or Jane.

When you say you’re playing poker with Tim,
Johnny and Stu should I have to worry about
who’s stroking who?

Trust has gone beyond fidelity, love or
infatuation, it’s now a case of self preservation.
While you’re spying looking for truths, look
over your shoulder ‘cause we can too.

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