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Trusted You And Not Myself, So This Is What I Got....

I have been used,
I gave you my trust in which you've abused.
I told you my heart was fragile and to handle with care,
You said 'I will, I swaer.'
But you didn't, You wreacked my world and teh left me alone,
The little bit of didnity I had is now gone.
I sit on my bed and stare at the knife,
As i close my eyes, I think of my life.
The blood runs down my arms as my skin begins to divide,
All I can do is sit here and cry.
I liked hearing your lies,
As youo stared deep unto my eyes.
The things you whispered in my ears,
I knew would only lead to tears.
If you ask me, I'll tell you that I'm alright.
But I'm not, I'm just losing this never ending fight.
You were my addiction, you were like my drugs,
You ogave me my high, adn then swept me under th rug.......

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Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken

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This is a really good poem, but i am not sure guys are worth hurting yourself over....