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Trusting Me (V2)
CM (June 1971 / Greater Manchester, UK)

Trusting Me (V2)

Do not think for a moment,
That I know what you need.
Be the person you are,
And you will find me with you.

My treasured beauty.
My enriching self.
You are a precious present, a gift.
My love.
I sparkle when I think of you.

The singular form of me,
Becomes a wholeness.
I am the beauty of truth,
Words once more in form.
Where in love and peace I am.

The me that I am is what we created to be.
I am once more.
My life a light become the light to joy,
Where fears and anxieties are the energies of joy,
To this they return for me.
So I may be the Joyful calm.

And now here I am with you,
My trusted friend.
Forgiven into a wholeness of me.

Monday,03 September 2007, Barcelona

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