AN (8/20/78 / Columbus, IN)

Trusting Punishment

The rejection that makes me stay and yet it turns me.
My pleasure pain baby.... I am your pin cushion
Stick it in and make it hurt
Your forked tongue speaks such lovely words as they slap my face.

Let it sting my soul....
Tie me up with your sarcasm
Your words are like weapons that force me to do your bidding
Let your hands be the toys of affection as they wrap around my throat

Make me gasp for air as I gasp for you
Let the glare in your eyes put me in my place
They search for lies and I need to be punished
Punish me with your body and make me feel again

Hold me down and make me take it
Give me my internal bliss with the trusting punishment of you

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Comments (4)

This is brilliant. There's a dejection from your point of view, in the way that you KNOW how you're suffering at the hands of another, but are too bruised and weak to fight it or do anything else about it. S x
I like this cause it never really goes off the deep end vulgar wise, seems so hard to do now days. A really nice read for me nice flow to it
...there's a welcome mat of masochism in this writing. To his/her own I guess?
bittersweet -OBHayes