BA (10/13/89 / Maryland)

Trusting You

It's been almost six months,
since i first met you,
from the first day,
i knew,
i felt a trust between us.
As time went by,
we became more trusting,
towards one another.
I began to open up to you,
like i had never done before,
with any other person.
Since then i've always come to you,
especially in times of need,
you never seemed to not care,
and was always up to give some advice.
Now times is passing,
the year is almost over,
i'm hoping it'll be like this forever.
: : end: :

**a poem i wrote to my english teacher.Me and her have a wonderful bond/friendship.Throughout this year(school year might i add lol) .She has done so much for me, she even helped me through this time in my life, where i was very depressed, and actually after for so long i became suicidal.But i think knowing she was always there, thats one reason why i'm still here.**

written: 12/12/05

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