Trustworthiness Of Loving Heart!

A great difference is there between sensuous desire and love ever in world live;
Between these two many are caught in great confusion lingering on sans as end;
Confusion of this nature can be cleared, only when one knows that love is changeless!

Desire is forever changing from time to time like monkey jumping from tree to tree;
Engaged in this great controversy, many lose the love of others and waste life sure;
Fair chance to win love is lost by sensuous desire at the cost of changeless love!

Greatness lies in following morality even in the satisfaction of sensuous desire!
Human beings have emotional feelings needing to be fulfilled before life ends for one;
Incomplete fulfilment in life makes one ever linger in longing even crossing such age!

Joy of satisfaction is more important then accruing wealth at the cost of enjoying life;
Killing the wish of love, such persons pass on life only believing in sensuous desire;
Love absorbs whole soul manifesting itself in intellectual pursuits and desire of heart!

Moved by love one sacrifices desire too to live in peace and satisfaction with all ever!
None the less, love gives more satisfaction lasting than mere physical desire temporary;
Option for satisfying sensuous desire has many chances in the course of romantic life!

Persons with loving heart have all things as they desire as they are trustworthy ever;
Quite a great boon it is for a loving person as one's morality wins the hearts of many;
Response for love is more favourable than one who merely longs and relies on sensuousness!

Strong animal magnetism, beauty and love in one help one do all romantically to one's wish;
Trustworthiness due to morality and love is most important to achieve all in one's life sure;
Universal love of one makes one the favourite regardless of age ever anywhere in the world!

Various kinds of persons trust and do anything relying on one's discipline, morality and love;
World has such personalities rare in quantity as their quality is the desire of good ones ever;
X and Y may not be fulfilling the world standard, but they are unique despite that drawback!

Yearnings of sensuous desire too of a really loving soul never be unsuccessful in human society;
Zeal of all attracted to such one is ever readily waiting to fulfil one's desire if chance comes!

by Ramesh T A

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