there is always a truth to everything,
the good and the bad there will be a truth
behind a here it is the truth you need to know..
my truth..the truth is i was never the
person to believe in love..
the truth is i thought there was no point to it...
making people do things they normally wouldn't do...
giving people the feeling and the fear that
no one needs in this short life we are forced to live...
the truth is i didnt want love..but i knew i need it..
no one want to feel the fear and the hurt that comes with love..
but we all need the happiness that comes with it too.
the most joyful, most wonderful feeling u can
only get by looking at the one you love..
the truth is love makes people do stupid things...
but without these things life is pointless..
so here is the biggest truth of all never give
love up if your lucky enough to find it!

by jessica bailey

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