her silken fibers worn by the wind and rain
cling to her feeble shoulders a painted facial
tautness grainy as parchment screams for the sun’s
sweet rays her smile beams brightly clover among
us weeds yet we are reassured

as I sit watching knowing that I’m gazing upon
something very special a nurse moves nimbly toward
her greets her a warming welcome as if she is her
new best friend my eyes stare a frozen gaze
never moving as they hug happily

quietly she slips a folded piece
of paper into the other’s open hand and
gestures toward a thin silent man sitting
across the way his head rises upward
and instantly I know

my eyes scream out from the salty liquid
I don’t remember my tears streaming only the
man a husband a survivor suddenly I couldn’t
stop grinning for him for all the others
a shadowy movement thwarts my thoughts

a figure from along the wall sneers his crooked
toothless smile everyone sitting next to him
their faces light majestically as did those
stretching in the center seats for we all know

by Dan Hanosh

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Draw unto hym, and pray in general For the, and eke for other, hevenelyche mede; And trouthe schal delyvere, it is no drede. Nice one
In English, please? (I'm really flippin' confused right now...)
sweet and power, may you rest in chaucer
For once, words fail me. He was the greatest writer of his time. Probably because nobody else could write. .
I love this. The oldest poem I have ever read. I used to read Shakespeare to my little lad from when he was 5ish. It helped me open my mind and get the gist and flow of this piece. It reads like an honest sermon of warning to the temptations of life... The more I read the more it becomes fluid in my mind.
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