My Hero

For all you give away;
you speak kindly
and act fairly,
touching lives
and instilling hope;
you lend strength
during the tough times
and courage
during the rough times.
You unselfishly take on
making the lives
of everyone around you better.
And you do all of these things
without fanfare or fuss.
You're unsung,
but I want you to know
that you'll always be
the bright light that shines
in my heart,
my very own hero.


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Draw unto hym, and pray in general For the, and eke for other, hevenelyche mede; And trouthe schal delyvere, it is no drede. Nice one
In English, please? (I'm really flippin' confused right now...)
sweet and power, may you rest in chaucer
For once, words fail me. He was the greatest writer of his time. Probably because nobody else could write. .
I love this. The oldest poem I have ever read. I used to read Shakespeare to my little lad from when he was 5ish. It helped me open my mind and get the gist and flow of this piece. It reads like an honest sermon of warning to the temptations of life... The more I read the more it becomes fluid in my mind.
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