(3rd August 1950 / Mumbai)

Truth 5 - A Temple Of Wisdom

Truth is like a fruit tree,
Tends to give more and more
Through its sweet, juicy fruits;
Tethered strongly to the Mother earth,
Through its succulent roots, deeply embedded,
Teaching man to steadfastly hold on to
Truth! Each fruit a shinning example of
Thoughtful love,
Tempting generosity - A
Temple of wisdom!

by Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Comments (4)

Beautifully penned and very thoughtful too. Focussed and factual. Thanks for sharing Geeta.
You have cleverly and beautifully protrayed a message that man is what he has become from his succulent roots - source of spirituality. You are what your thoughts are. Thank you. Score full 10.
A spellbind poem with enlightenment, thanks for sharing.
A beautifully envisioned and conceptualized with a tilt towards spirituality, this Temple of Wisdom is a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing.10 points. Regards.