Truth, what is truth? And is it aloof?
And if it is, where is the proof?
Is it something that comes in a revelation,
Does it follow some grand divine presentation?
And does truth stay the same through time,
Is there even truth within this rhyme?
Is it relative, only within the mind,
Or is it in objectivity that truth we find?
Is it the “veritas” that Pilate did mutter,
Or the unknowable forms Socrates did utter?
Truth, what is truth? Can it be found?
Will truth in our ears ever make a sound?

by Josh Weiss

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Lots of questions Josh, very tunefully painted in your poem on Truth. I used to think truth was a simple thing, but I learned several years ago through art that truth is actually something that is uniquely ours to behold. It is like looking at a great picture, when you move to a different position to view it, you may see it totally differently. There are great truths of history, but then again, it is only a truth from one certain perspective. Truth and honesty are really supposed to be one in the same, but actually they are totally different imo. Anyway, thanks for the great poem and the opportunity to explore my thoughts on Truth. Oh yeah, the only truth I truly know are, birth, life, love, death. there are several truths in between and everyones are individual. Smiling at you, Tai