VN (1992 - 06 - 09 / Lithuania - Kaunas)

Truth Aboute World

I look into mirror
I see my self

But as I was before
I see sadness, pain, death in my face

I broke my life a part
I lost everything exept my self
I have noathing to gain or lose from life

I onely want an inturnall life
I want onely live in dark, in shadow of yours

And watch how world dies
Day after day
It burns in pain
It feals hunger for blood

I take pleace of glass and look into my self
I see that many years paset
I see how old I have became

How much pain I have seen
How much nolige did I gane
Throught this years

Now I have onely one purpuse to live
And there is noatrhing to change.....

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