Truth And Mighty


Joyful rainy night, rhythmic outside of the solo mind,
Drunkard glass on the table of grey-eyed stars and
I'm looking for the rising poetry to row moonlight

The moon on the dark candle fire, a moth flying to the
Death of splendid sadness, colorful the timely life
Invites the expiration date of the cycling breath line

Line by line, slowly I realize that the empty stomach
Human lives inone problem but in full of this machine
Thousands of problems alert dogmas in earthly rhyme

Rhymes produce some truths within mighty-power
Is the power truth or truth the power? - who knows
But, all-mighty always becomes truth on this earth

So, what the truth is- no need to know its inside fact
Be mighty by hook or by crook to sell "I'm Truth" tact

31.08.2020 Chattogram

Comments about Truth And Mighty

Thought provoking and beautifully worded, with marvelous imagery.
I admire the poetic style that flows .....solo mind ......grey-eyed stars .......poetry to row moonlight........ stupendous poetic creativity great admirations. And then slowly this flow cries to realities ..... empty stomach is one problem ...... problem alert dogmas...... beautiful skill in presenting difficult matter that really draws attention. Then finally landing on truth Is truth all might Or almighty is truth.... beautiful thought provoking creation. Thank-you.
Excellent work Mahtab! Reminds me of sufi poetry
power of truth or truth the power- - that's the question/deep thoughts

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