Truth Be Told

Truth be told I was never really alone, but something deep inside me is aching to help society. In a world so lost, what are these people thinking? Am I the only one who can see our world is stinking? Hatred, anger and despair it is all there, but no one seems to care.

As we strut trough our lives living in complete denial of what is truly happening, on the inside. Days and days pass by but I just cannot seem to open my eyes. I try to try but it's all in vain, things will always be the same. In a world driven by greed, how can one notice the few people who actually want change?

Truth be told I was never really alone, but that was a long time ago. Our hearths change, and with it come so much pain. I wish there was someone at my side, someone who can watch and support my climb, but still I find myself alone and as I fall down there is no one to catch me, but a deep dark hole.

Truth be told I was always alone. Time passes, our relationships crashes. Steadily trying to build them back, but the weight crushes my back. Things will never be the same, everything I've done was all in vain. Should we even bother? Should we even try? Maybe I should just twist my neck and laugh as I watch the world die.

by Rasmus Spencer

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