'Truth In Poetry'

Why must your poetry be so dark and bleak?
When honesty is really all you seek.
You speak of darkness, and only of death.
You write it in your lines with your ever breath.

You speak of killing yourself, or maybe even suicide.
Has death really grabbed you and taken you for that ride?
How can one person build up so much hate?
Are you clairvoyant is that really your fate?

Death is never far away, if that is truly what you wish.
Life has a very funny way of placing things upon your dish.
If truth is truly what you seek, then don’t ignore the signs.
Read the words that are written, and not between the lines.

See, people write of other things, like life and love and dreams,
Painting pretty pictures with words, and some very lovely scenes
They speak of loves that were lost, and loves that can be found.
All you haft to do is open your mind and eyes and look around.

Some people speak of beauty, for which there is no compare.
Some people even speak of angels, appearing from thin air.
Some even speak of people and places, and sights they’ve seen.
Their words are not always filled with anger, seldom are they mean.

Don’t take me wrong, something’s are meant to be said.
But write them down on paper, and release them from your head.
Don’t contemplate on things that are out of your control.
And never dwell on dark thoughts, least they might capture your soul.

Before there was a dark side, I’m sure there once was light.
Somewhere deep inside of you, I’m sure theirs still some fight.
Ill read your words, and take those to heart, for I’ll never criticize.
You can do it, reach deep inside, you may even be surprised.

by Poison 9901

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poetry is just a matter of arranging words...added to it.. is someone's emotion...someone's dream..some are true and some are fiction and some are weird..