Truth Is

Poem By Safiyyah Manjra

Truth is.. I have a broken heart,
No, it's not type which just makes you part.

It makes you feel hurt even when you smile.
It reminds you of the lost each day.
It is the worst thing I have ever experienced.

If it's not wishing you'll be here with me,
It's the regret which comes with letting you go.
I smile and I am not even sure if it's happiness.

I don't know what this is,
Most of my effort goes into,
Trying to feel happy without you.

Saying I miss you would be an understatement,
I think it's rather that I really need you.

I thought it was simple to be alone,
It feels rather bothersome after being attached to someone.

So if these are what the matters of the heart involve.
Then please let me dissolve,
With the thoughts of the brain,
So that I may control that of the heart and maintain,
The struggle I must refrain.

The feeling you brought which is pain,
Is one thing I wish I hadn't gain.

Why does this poem sound like such a mess?
Maybe because I wrote it under such stress!

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Safiyyah, such a well penned poem👍👍👍

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