A Pleasant Day In Mid February

Birds sing on bush and tree and hedgerow and everywhere around
And though the migrant waders are heading north to their Artic breeding ground
This mild day in late Summer more like a day in Spring
Recent showers after the long dry spell new greenery did bring.

I might well describe the beauty had I the descriptive power
White butterflies in sunlit garden they flit from bush to flower
Late Summer flowers are blooming in blue and white and gold
And beautiful pink roses so lovely to behold

The drought breaking rains have left the landscape looking in good health
And though some say Phillip Island in it's beauty has it's wealth
To the local environment that can prove a disadvantage as suburbia is near
And people in their thousands for their holidays flock to here.

A pleasant day in mid February and bright sun shine in the sky
And to bush and tree and hedgerow young birds chirping as they fly
And young man carrying a bouquet walks to his sweetheart's home
On this day of St Valentine his love in flowers is shown.

by Francis Duggan

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This is a good poem, concise and well-worded, I'll include this piece of yours in tomorrow's 'poetry converse' garland of mine that I habitually am sending as SMS texts to a host of people here in this country, who have no, or don't know how to access the internet, but are cultured and will enjoy reading a good poem such as yours.