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Truth Is

Calling out from deep beneath the shadows
Falling down each step
As you march towards the unknown.
Unsure of what is to become
In the eternity that rules
Trying desperately to find the way
The way into the minds that
Revolves around the emptiness
Tormenting those who
Cannot bear the pain of
Knowing the Truth;
Yet welcoming those that
Seek the joy of love, of life, of knowing
Planted deep down,
Deeper than the shadows encumbering
All that we care for.

We cry, we despair, we fall into pieces
We're torn, we're walked on, we're broken
We hope, we rejoice, we care.

And we love.

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Comments (3)

Wonderful constructed poem. I am also partial to its meaning.
and we love....i loved the truth in what you say.....and we love....and we live...and we survive..and we love...keep on the good work Twiggy
a lovely poem filled with compasion and truth keep up the good work