Truths Behind The Truth

Poem By ifedayo oshin

Do not look for me in the color that covers my skin
My stark dark black skin
The Clothing enlivened by my immortal spirit
A gold-wrap of a priceless gift

Do not search for me through the color of my eyes
My bleary brown bulging eyes
Its sight transcends time and space
With visions that illuminate and liberate

Do not measure me by my height or size
My dwarf height and huge-bear size
I stand taller and higher from within
Reaching lofty heights and farthest horizons

Judge me not by appearances of my body
My awkward, uncharming, substantial body
It’s the first wonder of all creation
Where unfading beauty finds a nesting place

Judge me not by my clothing that does not fit
My cheap, threadbare clothes
Save by the priceless clothes of glowing dignity
Adorning my soul like the sun does the sky

Do not even bother with me tongue or accent
My deep guttural down south accent
My words are words of life for life
The best of all that is audible

Judge me not by what you think, see or hear
For every piece of me, you see, told or perceive;
As there are spaces behind the clouds
So also are truths behind the truth.

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