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DEG (November 26,1986. DOB / Jamaica (Trelawny))


Being deeply in love with your girl just for 1 day is not hard to do
Probably this is the only one thing that she asked of you
You tell her you love her, yet she can't even see
Why can't you just let love be?

You cheat, you lie
You fight she cry.
To her, that's all pain
You know you're wrong, can't look her in the eye, cause you are so ashamed.

The day will come, when you can't run or hide from what's instore for you
She will cheat, she will lie
She will fight, you'll cry
Damn right, that's good for you.

Be a man and not a frame
Be the fire and not the flame
Be the light in her world and she'll do the same.

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