Try Hard For Problems To Die

Trace the problem and try to solve it
Try to gain expertise in it bit by bit
Whatever may be the arising difficulty
Please face with a calm mentality

Boldly start the day with an expectation
Believe that you can face any situation
Only by immersing into the trouble
You can prove that you are capable

The problem may appear damn massive
Approach it not with a mind so passive
Plan in advance and proceed confidently
Plunge into the deal and work prudently

Nothing is impossible for honest sweats
That too if accompanied by great guts
Once mind is determined to work hard
Success is sanctioned by the Lord

Just courageously go forward and live
Glory, the Almighty will plan and give
Never retreat, kindly repeat for victory
Great souls did this to enter history

by Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman

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