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Try To Remember
David Harris (18 June 1945 / Bradfield, England)

Try To Remember

When you are feeling down,
try to remember all the good things you have had,
and I will bet you,
they are many more than the bad.

We tend to remember only
all the bad things in our lives,
and the good things get stored away
for a rainy day we say.

Now if we remember,
all the good things in our life,
we would not be so unhappy
when the bad things come along.

4 August 2007

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Comments (3)

Always look on the bright side of life... Some one should sing the song every time your down...10
Sometimes when down, the good times slip away, but when things aren't so dark we're able to regroup and try to remember the good ones....other times, memories of the good times are the only thing to get us through a beyond dark time.......This is so true, thanks David for this write.............marci.xo
That is SO true D. I love the message of the last stanza in particular. It is the case isn't it that we tend to forget the good and the bad is there at the forefront ready to cast its shadow... I'm going to remember this one. t x