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Trying To Find A Job
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Trying To Find A Job

Poem By Donna Nimmo

Trying to find a job at fifty-three
Too old to work, too young for social security
They all want someone in their early twenties
That will go to work for mere pennies
I've got a twenty-five year old mind
But most employers don't want that kind
Going for interviews and they don't call
They think someone twenty has it on the ball
So I sit here and write poems all day
When my house works done I can play
You can't make money writing words
I enjoy it so, but this is for the birds
There is only so much house to clean
Can't get a job, because I'm not a teen
I have a good life, don't want to complain
I guess at my age, you're not to supposed to have a brain
I think I'm going to have to retire
After all it's not me they are going to hire!

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Comments (3)

At fifty-four and looking for work after a two year injury outage... I understand too! ! JYM
This also my story: You are right on. a big 10 for you. Went through 7 mergers in Transportation field in as many years, all for younger persons, At 53 years of age, Started my own Construction Co. and still active Will be 82 in October. enjoy your poetry much. charles garcia
Excellent piece Donna. You get my vote, not just because I happen to be the same boat and thinking similar thoughts, but because this is a finely crafted poem. Thank you.