Trying To Find Easy Money

There are many things in life that keep you alert.
If your not on the ball you could lose your shirt.
You must always stay on the ball day after day.
And you better pay attention to what I have to say.
If you relax just a little you'll bring up the rear.
And if you dare to stumble you'll be fiat on your ear.
You already know that there's no one who will shed a tear.
So there's no reason at all to sit and cry in your beer.
There's another saying that I don't think is funny.
The hardest thing to find these days is easy money.

Everyone loves luxury and to enjoy real easy times.
It must be human nature to loaf a little as we climb.
Take it easy as you can but be sure and take it.
That's the modern way I'm sure you live by your wit.
You got to grab for anything that's not too high.
Then fill your pockets and don't ask yourself why.
Don't worry how others may look askance at you.
Their opinion matters not a bit when you are through.
To you this old world will keep right on being sunny.
But still the hardest thing to find is easy money.

by Guy Hoffmann

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