Trying To Get You Off My Mind

I've walked around for miles trying to get you off of my mind
But everything I see reminds me of you
And every time I close my eyes I see your face
What can I do to get you off of my mind?

Everywhere I see your name and I can't shake it
If only I could I wouldn't feel like I'm going insane
I've tried to be strong and erase you from my mind

If you would ask me how was everything
I would lie and say that everything was great
And I wouldn't let you know that you're on my mind
I'd simply walk away and hope you would come after me

All those long talks I guess meant nothing at all to you
But all those talks are keeping me alive and well
If only you knew exactly how I feel

You told me not give up on you
I replay that over and over in my head
And I'm trying not to give up on you
It's just been to long and I miss you

I guess if you decide to come back around
I'll be walking around for a thousand more miles trying
to get you off of my mind
And erase those memories of you from my mind

So don't worry about me I'll move on one day
I'll ignore you like you've ignored me
It's gonna take me some time to get over you
But I swear one day I'll be over you


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