Trying To Keep Focus

I’m trying to keep focus but sometimes the world gets your mind tainted
Hope I never lost it, deep in my mind, I know this vision is painted.
The drops that fall from my head...anointed!
Still trying really hard to keep ends connected,
I hope I find the connection and keep it knotted
Because when something goes wrong, your identities spotted
Lord knows alone I love my girl with passion
Will die for my mama to the world I’m confessing

My thoughts manifest in a way improbable
Will I ever make it? They say I’m incapable
And still I look on the bright side and question what’s light,
Still looking at saints and marvel what’s right.

Cause the world is a dead end, if you don’t know where you heading
My wounds do heal but I keep on bleeding…
I need some mending, hope I find understanding
There has to be an outcome to life and it’s bruising

Lord I need restoration, why does it feel like I had been forsaken?
Too many wrong do’s, can my sins be forgiven?

Life is a game; you better play it with a dribble!
And if you lose focus, with your score they will fiddle
Never lose sight of the light
Even if it’s too bright
You have to stay focused if you want to see the light
And even if you go blind, I swear to God you will see again
Cause for every grey cloud there’s a silver lining in the end

by Jody Britoe

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