Trying To Shake This Pain

Once again I'm stuck here alone
Surrounded by these four white walls
The thoughts of you don't go away easy
I try to shake the pain away but I'm drowning in it

A thousand thoughts are running through my head
I can't explain these thoughts
All I know is that I'm losing my mind
I see the scars on my arm has faded away

The scars told stories that no one would understand
But here I am standing in front of the mirror
Putting on that fake smile just about everyday
I go to sleep some nights crying myself a million tears

And I wake up to the four white walls
I get dressed in all this mess
Trying to be strong and hold on to my faith
Trying to be myself and make it through these storms

Through these storms I've learned a lot
I'm walking in the rain trying to shake this pain
Dancing out in the rain to feel alive
Dancing just to rid of these thoughts and memories for a moment

Then its back to reality and then I'm forced to face the truth
Sitting alone on my bed just listening to music to ease my mind
Starring at the four white walls
Just trying to get a glimpse of what I want my life to be

Wondering if being alone is the way it's gonna be
Wondering if I'll ever shake this pain
Hoping that one day I'll break out of these storms
And that one day I'll be able to stand in front of the mirror and put on a real smile

July 28,2012


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soulful depressing rendering of a life in turmoil.... nicely done...the torment brought to fore tc