Tryst (A Suite Of 4 Poems)

A suite of 4 poems


It was a momentary pact
of who knows what
for who knows how long
but so exhilarating
and bewitching
that a new path was born.


The leaf swayed in the wind
and the light danced on it
and flew to another
in celebration of


The pan flute set free celestial trills
and held the last note forever
and the world stopped turning
to listen
to the attainment
of Perfection.


It was a moonstruck silence
which held
all things
on tiptoe at the edge of Time.

(December 1998)

by Diana van den Berg

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Comments (2)

Once again you have managed to bring joy to all the lovers of verse, through your simplistic imagination and unique style, lovely poem here Diana.10+++
This magical quartet has all the elements of Haiku poetry - the subtle, the pastoral, the succinct and the spiritual. 'On tiptoe at the edge of time' is outstanding. Glorious penning. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥