HG ( / Sheffield, England)


As rain lashed shores lay bleak and bare
the sea roars on and on.
A mighty wave rolls over-land
and fragile lives are gone.

Towns and cities lay destroyed,
their baron carnage strewn.
And anguished families scour and search,
for kin of their own brood.

Disaster, untold loss of life,
is in the childrens eyes.
The wave it took them all away,
Parents, Husbands, Wives.

As piece by piece of ravaged land,
is scooped by giant claws.
The homeless, now lost everything,
to the mighty oceans jaws.

Aid pours in from around the globe,
where working man is touched.
To give away his hard earned cash,
as to dead sons they clutch.

A lifetimes work, a lifetimes love,
all friends and families lost.
Whilst men in suits, with tempered guilt,
Try hard to count the cost.

But how best can we calculate,
the great Tsunami's wrath?
Or the lives of children washed away,
as they played in it's path.

And so we sit and count our stars,
with our children on our knee.
Watch their suffering being played out,
'thanking god it wasn't me'.

Heath Gunn

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quite long but it's awesome!
Another well written though Heath, I'm glad I had this chance to come in and check you out. I see you have just started, Can't wait to see more. Keep them coming. Take care