Poem By Alex Benk

Bloated bodies debris
Weeping Asian eyes
Vast, obscene sweep; caught in the mess of it.
Panic and hurt of it in the putrifying water
Seeping into the ground
Identifying corpses

Thousands souls gutter, are erased.

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Changes whisper
These are small creatures
Metabolic currents under the skin of stretched days
Like season's shifting, same strength.


Night black street right after rain
Weighted in dark wetness
Sepulchural veinious branches draped with night
Subtle rhythm of softly glowing street lights repeat the moon


Charcoal nebuli.
Corpuscles suspended instant
Evanescent strings like chords, like rain.
Like rain thinks mud..


Reconnect, reconstitute…and it begins to beat
Animal animating
Creeping charisma quietly infecting with indelible beat, beat…. be..beat
Amoeba anticipating complexity in ever widening dances


Bawl throw fits
Smear shit against the walls
Wail and break and
Weep torrentially


Boundless black folds are petals
The sense in space of blossoming
May yield, may feel ductile tentacles
Grab and draw to mouth