TS (28.4.1995 / Mumbai)


One day I sat in my balcony,
Eating peanut-butter and balony,
Suddenly the earth shook under me,
And I knew it was a warning for an arriving tsunami.

We all ran up to a higher ground,
Soon there was nothing but water all around.
Upto thirty metres high went the waves,
Putting people and their belongings into their graves.

After the tsunami was over we all came down,
And were shocked to see the scary face of our town.
Everything lay still and scattered,
We had lost everything that mattered.

by Tanveer Sehgal

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V good. It gives a good insight into how suddenly the lives of all those people changed completely. I like the way something very trivial is described and the next sentence suddenly rushes into the disaster like it happened in a split second.