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Tsunamis- God Makes: God Takes!
(14-2-1957 / Tamilnadu, India)

Tsunamis- God Makes: God Takes!

God makes, He breaks!
God gives, He takes!
What tragedy!
What mystery!
What suffering!
What faltering!
But Why God does, no one can know!
Why He allows? Why He says, ‘No’! ?
This is the world in which we live;
Nature will not her secrets give;
Nevertheless, we can’t complain;
There’s harmony in boon or bane;
Who dare question Almighty’s ways?
We live a life of numbered days!
Yet, God is kind and cares for us;
Without the Lord, we shall be worse;
Some things happen which we can’t take:
We never know what’s true or fake;
The science we know turns obsolete;
Our labor seems at times effete;
And yet, men say that science is God!
-Believing which is rather odd;
The earth has built her devices,
Those mitigate human vices;
The man who thinks he is all wise,
Is sooner, later cut to size;
Who dare defy the Lord’s commands
Will slip into the Devils’ hands;
We have a code and soul to keep;
If otherwise, bad things we reap;
Man cannot curb Nature’s freedom;
Harnessing it is but seldom;
God made the man better than beast,
Promising him a sumptuous Feast;
If he lives not a better life,
God gives him woes, aplenty strife;
Through Nature’s fury, God reminds
-‘Man is God’s toy, which He rewinds! ’

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Your concept of God's mercy and justice makes me glad I'm a heathen. You actually believe this?
Thought god protects man.This poem makes me feel its the other way around! ! 100,000 dead and god has a cause? And we cant complain? And harmony in bane?