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Tuant Me
RS (10-17-91 / NYC)

Tuant Me

Why must life taunt me with such raw happiness,
Early spirit joy put to an end with such rapidness.
My desire to lay there is none of lust,
There is no explanation for it, simply a must.
The warm feeling of having a meaningful person next to you,
The laughs, smiles, and bedtime talks would never turn me blue.
Betrayed my heart feels, for I thought the love and desire was equal.
For if it were, shouldn’t she try the impossible to meet the sequel?
Why leave him with memories of something that could still be?
Even in my greatest desires, she would still reject my plea.
Abandoning the place, my heart called its new home.
But on this cold bitter night, alone my heart must roam.
Yet the loneliest of pains my heart feels.
And if it had a mouth, her name it would squeal.
The late night I recall, we kissed, so we’d feel protected,
And later that night, I awoke in a sudden, and realized, our lips, still connected.
The idea of how safe and perfect we had slept through hours, filled my heart with joy,
Yet, I don’t understand why I can’t accept your wishes, this stupid stubborn boy.
For a visit, I would blow down the doors to let me in.
But this apathetic necessity for you, I must choke on within.
And so now I lay myself to in that lonely bed to try to rest.
And I’ll pretend this pillow is you as I clench it tightly against my chest.

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