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Tuesday, September 11,2001 ~ 2nd Anniversary
JT ( / Owensboro, KY)

Tuesday, September 11,2001 ~ 2nd Anniversary

Remember when ~ Remember how,
Terror struck U. S. grounds,
By taking hostage of the air,
Horror reined and still lives there,
That day lives on everyday,
The effects of it ricocheted,
Many died and lives were destroyed,
Businesses fell leaving unemployed,
Wall Street wobbled but didn’t fall,
Our young answered our president’s call,
By thousands they left American shores,
To fight “Terrorism” at it’s core,
So we’re in Afghanistan,
Trying to destroy the Taliban,
We went to war in Iraq,
Putting Saddam under attack,
We freed a people from wicked hands,
We’re trying to help them learn to stand,
Some are happy ~ Some are not,
The war is over ~ Still soldiers are shot,
9-1-1- that “infamous” day,
It lives on in so many ways.

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