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Tug Of War
PD (02/11/88 / )

Tug Of War

There's a string, a rope, a piece of lace
That calls the shots and reacts to the situations you face

That string is like a spear, a sword, a dart
That's attached to your most vital organ
Your heart....

When it’s caught up in this game of tug of war
The pain and strain often pushes you too far

You want to win so you pull me to the limit
Not caring that my heart is still caught up in it

I pull back trying to survive
To get my heart back
To keep me mentally alive

But my feet constantly slips in the sand
As the string rubs and scars my hand

Desperately I try to hold on for dear life
But in the end I always let go
Try to make it right

But each time I try I’m knocked back down
Dashed in the sand, buried in the ground...

It’s another game I've forfeited and lost
Just to be sane and free at all cost

But still you hold the string... Refuse to let go....
Why do you torture me?
Only you know

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Comments (2)

i love the way you ended this poem. 'why do you torture me so? only you know' a question i rekon a lot of people ask but no one really knows the answer. another thing i love about your poetry is that i can relate to it whole souled, i totally feel it, like its n'sync with emotions ive felt. its great to read the way you describe the emotion you feel, keep your poems coming! ! ! xxx
A great picture comes to light... well done...