Tugged Along.

Poem By Michelle Tiddy

Why is love so confusing?
Why do we think we've found it.
When sometimes it isn't real?
When we need it so badly we
Clutch at emotional straws
And turn 'nothing' into something

Why do so many of us
Choose the wrong path in the first place
Settling for something that doesn't
Truly ignite our fire, make the soul burn
Don't we believe in fairytales?
Don't we strive for what we dream?

When it doesn't fulfill us....
Is that why we seek more? seek
That perfect connection, that person
Who makes us thunder out of control...
But is that person 'the one'? Or just
Too darn dangerous and we should stay clear?

The choices we make have repercussions
All throughout our lives, why is it
We just can't seem to get it right?
Or is that really the mystery to life?
There are very few that are lucky enough
To be truly satisfied, should we take second-best?

Are we just too darned greedy?
Wanting everything and all at once
Instead of letting love shape and mold us
We crush it into bitter shards
That stab deep into the heart
Is love just a seed that needs to be watered?

I wish I knew the answer...
Instead of fumbling in the mist..
Content, happy, muddling along....
Is that enough, am I lying to myself
Am I being unfair to my spirit..
Or just a desperate witch...?

Why is love so difficult..
Or is it just us that make it so
Turning it into something more complicated
Than it really needs to be
If I could just be happy, inspired
And tugged along with a little passion

Comments about Tugged Along.

Ah sweetie, you know I don't have the answers....I think perhaps our concept of love is deeper or on another plain then the male and when we love, we love so much it hurts so when we don't feel it back we are crushed...it just must be the nature of the beast.....without love were adrift at sea but NO, never settle for second best...You, Michelle, deserve the best and God I hope you know that.....more hugs and love, marci.
I think good natured people tend to believe that we can help others or even change others, so we might settle for less. Hold fast. I love the questioning.
Michelle, this is a long poem in which the heart pours out its pain. There is no easy route to love, no sign put up to guide us there. We just have to take the chances we are given and hope that they are right. Beautifully worded. I loved every line. Top marks from me. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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