AR (3-2-1945 / California)


How can you ever find what you need?
How can you know if you’ll succeed?
When you’re running around like tumbleweed
I tried so hard to plant the seed
But you grew so wild like a weed
Rolling past relationships like a tumbleweed
I’m puzzled, perplexed how to proceed
I cannot gauge your speed
The wind pushing you across the plains like tumbleweed
And like a family cat that been treed
You turn your head to all precautions you must heed
No chains can hold down my rambling tumbleweed
And like a caged tiger waiting to be freed
You more than willingly take the lead
Chasing the freedom of the tumbleweed
And if it looks like what I’m asking for is greed
Then you’re seeing signs you cannot read
The cold dark wayward path of the tumbleweed
And if it was only one more mouth to feed
It would provide solace indeed
And increase the chances of catching my tumbleweed
But it’s for more than her that I bleed
And it’s for your understanding that I plead
You see I once too, was a tumbleweed

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