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Tuning Out The World

Mp3 player turned up loud,
To block out their profound,
Words that hit close to heart,
Breaking it into a thousand part.

Their curses start to pierce through the sound,
So you turn to a song a little longer and loud,
Hoping for some enduring peace,
Or at least for a sweet release.

Their soulless words at faster flight,
Now hitting like a deathly plight,
Trying to slay your mortal soul,
And put you under their control.

You know that there will be a day,
When they will have hell to pay,
Not from anyone one on the earth,
But in hells ever darkening girth.

Turning the music up full blast,
Hoping that this hell can’t last,
Let the music flow out loud,
To block out their cursing sound.

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Comments (3)

I like your poems, they are something alot of people can relate to. They are very grippng and i would love to hear some more!
I listen 2 my mp3 @ full blast when my parents r fighting. Its helps me stay calm. sometimes i hav 2 find an even louder song cuz man my parents now how 2 scream @ each other. I like this poem, its very good.
Too bad one cannot do this with the voices in their head (joke) . Anyways, I enjoyed your poem, and know the feeling of wanting to block others out and be alone.